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HOME > FIXING SYSTEMS > SCREWS > Hardened screws for rafters - conical
Product name
Hardened screws for rafters - conical
Hardened screws for rafters - conical
  • galvanized steel screw

    Index Bit Screw size (mm) Packaging EAN
    WHW-S - 8x80 T40 8x80 50/900 pcs 5901466106884
    WHW-S - 8x100 T40 8x100 50/600 pcs 5901466106891
    WHW-S - 8x120 T40 8x120 50/600 pcs 5901466103807
    WHW-S - 8x140 T40 8x140 50/600 pcs 5901466103814
    WHW-S - 8x160 T40 8x160 50/450 pcs 5901466103821
    WHW-S - 8x180 T40 8x180 50/450 pcs 5901466103838
    WHW-S - 8x200 T40 8x200 50/450 pcs 5901466103845
    WHW-S - 8x220 T40 8x220 50/300 pcs 5901466103852
    WHW-S - 8x240 T40 8x240 50/300 pcs 5901466103869
    WHW-S - 8x260 T40 8x260 50 pcs 5901466103876
    WHW-S - 8x280 T40 8x280 50 pcs 5901466103883
    WHW-S - 8x300 T40 8x300 50 pcs 5901466103890
    WHW-S - 8x320 T40 8x320 50 pcs 5901466107010
    WHW-S - 8x340 T40 8x340 50 pcs 5901466103906
    WHW-S - 8x360 T40 8x360 50 pcs 5901466104057
  • for fixing roof trusses, wooden elements, chipboard, OSB panels, PVC components
  • due to its special design, the TORX recess makes it easy to screw into hard substrates

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