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Product name
Universal dowel with celling hook
Universal dowel with celling hook
  • dowel made with polyamide (PA6)
  • steel screw with electrolytic zinc coating
  • Index Drilling diam. (mm) Screw size (mm) Packaging EAN
    RXHS-6/4,0x36 6 4,0x36 50/600 pcs 5901466171455
    RXHS-8/4,5x46 8 4,5x46 25/300 pcs 5901466171462
  • reinforced or unreinforced plain concrete
  • solid ceramic bricks
  • solid silicate bricks
  • porous ceramic hollows
  • hollow silicate blocks
  • elements of aggregate concrete
  • elements of autoclaved aerated concrete
  • drywall

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