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Product name
Sports t-shirt for men
Sports t-shirt for men
  • material: 100% polyester
  • material weight: 135 g/m2
  • quick drying
  • Index Size Color Packaging EAN
    S-78745 S green 1 pc 5901466128336
    S-78747 M green 1 pc 5901466128343
    S-78749 L green 1 pc 5901466128350
    S-78751 XL green 1 pc 5901466128367
    S-78753 XXL green 1 pc 5901466128374
    S-78755 S gray 1 pc 5901466128381
    S-78757 M gray 1 pc 5901466128398
    S-78759 L gray 1 pc 5901466128404
    S-78761 XL gray 1 pc 5901466128411
    S-78763 XXL gray 1 pc 5901466128428
    S-78735 S white 1 pc 5901466128435
    S-78737 M white 1 pc 5901466128442
    S-78739 L white 1 pc 5901466128459
    S-78741 XL white 1 pc 5901466128466
    S-78743 XXL white 1 pc 5901466128473

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