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Farmer screws for steel roofing substrate
Farmer screws for steel roofing substrate
  • screw and washer made of galvanized steel
  • EPDM rubber
  • Index Color Screw size (mm) Packaging EAN
    FM - 4,8x35 galvanized 4,8x35 250/3000 pcs 5906365342654
    FM - 4,8x35 RAL 3009 4,8x35 250/3000 pcs 5906365345105
    FM - 4,8x35 RAL 3011 4,8x35 250/3000 pcs 5906365342661
    FM - 4,8x35 RAL 6020 4,8x35 250/3000 pcs 5906365349554
    FM - 4,8x35 RAL 7024 4,8x35 250/3000 pcs 5907180850621
    FM - 4,8x35 RAL 8004 4,8x35 250/3000 pcs 5906365342685
    FM - 4,8x35 RAL 8017 4,8x35 250/3000 pcs 5906365342678
    FM - 4,8x35 RAL 9005 4,8x35 250/3000 pcs 5906365342692
  • for fixing sheet metal, steel parts to load-bearing steel structures, for mounting steel sheet

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